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Mii Names
[L] bro d, [L] brody, RG bro, [L]brrrody, stick, [L] von, Spongebob, nut, milk, Two face, SUρ, fishstick, bordy@ue, Ace face, [L], Pτ◇, killerwhal, balLSUcker, MrKorfball, IDK brody, B brody
United States
Player ID
60/250 bronze - 59/250 silver - 51/250 gold


Track Time Date Vehicle
Dreamworld Cloudway - Normal02:56.4972021-01-01Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Lava Road02:32.6372021-01-02Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
DKR Jungle Falls00:59.9722021-01-02Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Dark Matter Shrine02:04.1892021-01-03Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
2CA5360E38BE838E2F2BC17A465981A630F30DCC01:59.7272021-01-05Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
DS Waluigi Pinball02:23.1292021-01-05Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Mushroom Peaks03:42.4022021-01-05Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
SNES Mario Circuit 301:19.4892021-01-05Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
E7B99265008F282ED984AD4474F3401B25CD792A - Glitch00:19.8692021-01-05Magikruiser (Toadette)
Big Nature City02:36.4682021-01-06Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Castle of Darkness03:01.7382021-01-06Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Delfino Island - Normal02:36.9402021-01-06Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Seaside Circuit - Normal01:38.4302021-01-06Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Sky High Island - Normal02:57.3562021-01-06Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Crystal Plains - Normal02:05.6392021-01-08Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Desert Fort02:50.3062021-01-08Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Kirio Raceway - Normal02:01.2732021-01-08Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
76083F61988E6BCF5A5EDA9940529A680BD1CB1C01:05.6332021-01-10Flame Runner (Bowser)
Cherry Blossom Garden - Normal02:32.8132021-01-12Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Crystal Dungeon02:14.1182021-01-12Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Desert Castle Raceway - Normal02:59.4732021-01-13Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
DK Ruins - Normal02:19.6382021-01-13Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
DS Bowser Castle02:37.8082021-01-13Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
GBA Bowser Castle 4 - Normal03:05.2102021-01-13Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Unfinished Mario Circuit - Normal01:15.6682021-01-13Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Warp Pipe Island01:56.9862021-01-13Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
DKR Star City - Normal02:02.9322021-01-26Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Dragonite's Island02:09.1552021-01-27Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
GBA Mario Circuit - Normal01:24.3382021-02-01Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Spectral Station02:12.5682021-02-01Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Windy Whirl02:15.5622021-02-01Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Castle of Time - Normal03:16.6642021-02-05Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
GBA Snow Land02:27.4372021-02-05Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Koopa Shell Pipeland02:55.7832021-02-05Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Melting Magma Melee02:55.5922021-02-05Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Lunar Lights01:48.9572021-02-08Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Celestial Ruins02:47.3142021-02-11Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
GBA Bowser Castle 101:13.4472021-02-11Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
DS Peach Gardens02:01.3292021-02-13Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
DS Wario Stadium02:15.7402021-02-14Flame Runner (Funky Kong)
Marble Towers - Normal02:44.5242021-02-17Flame Runner (Funky Kong)