Live Streams

MrBean35000vr sometimes streams CTGP-R gameplay on Live streams of CTGP-R are common from other streamers as well, these can be found by looking at the Twitch Mario Kart Wii directory.


MrBean35000vr uploads CTGP-R content as well as other modding work to his YouTube Channel.

A trailer for CTGP-R produced in June 2019.

A video showing all 216 custom tracks in CTGP-R as of 2013.

A video introducing Countdown Mode.

A video showing Item Rain mode.

A video introducing the 200cc engine class.

A video showing the change characters between races feature.

A video showing tracks with engine speed modification.

A video introducing the Cup/Course organiser.


More information about CTGP-R and Mario Kart Wii modding, including information about how to make your own custom tracks can be found at the Custom Mario Kart Wiiki. The wiki also contains information about all of the tracks in CTGP-R and media relating to all of them.