CTWW STATUS: 18 players across 3 rooms.

RoomNumber of playersHost's VRUp TimeJoinableParticipants
Room 15 players6028 VR3:44NoAdam, «Chris», ☆βεη☆, treebee8, πβθζψΞ◎☆§™
Room 212 players9095 VR2:04No, fullZD☆Jany, DΣ Jm, EZ $$$$, ☆VξΙφcιτγ☆, FL★Mace, Rαγzer, ダーティマリー, snoopy, paula, terminator, ZD Nhn, ★GロムD◆
Room 31 player4509 VR0 minutesYesGabbie
Searching1 playerNo host-Yes④ Jonah

COUNTDOWN STATUS: 6 players, all in 1 room.

RoomNumber of playersHost's VRUp TimeJoinableParticipants
Room 16 players9846 VR49 minutesYesκαzμκι, Nεhεmι, joe, sαdαι②⑤, Qc☆Nιζσ, Ϊςleighά™

Other CTGP statistics:

  • Players on CTWW: 18 (+1)
  • Players on Countdown: 6
  • Most ever players in CTWW at once: 88
  • Most ever players in Countdown at once: 55
  • Most ever CTWW rooms at once: 12
  • Most ever Countdown rooms at once: 7
  • Longest ever logged CTWW: 29 hours, 15 minutes
  • Longest ever logged Countdown Room: 18 hours, 16 minutes
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